Advanced sync setup

During the example we would like to synchronize into a cloud the saved status data of a game named X-COM: UFO Defense, sold by Steam, but having no SteamCloud support. Difficulty of the job is that status data is saved by the program into separate directories, like:





Create a new job using the “New task” button.

Give a name to the job.

Create a new task setting its type to be file.

Choose the directory of the application: d:\games\Steam\steamapps\common\XCom UFO Defense\XCOM\

Choose the cloud directory: c:\Users\voji\Dropbox\save_games\ufo1

Allow processing of the subfolders.

Edit the file filter.

Choose the equals mode, and specify the DUM.BIN name.

Edit the subfolder filter.

Choose the regexp (ignore-case) mode, and add the following regular expression: game_([0-9]|10)

Save the task and the job, synchronization can start.

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