Jobs, Tasks, Filters, and other goodies…

The program is able to synchronize data from a number of places into the cloud. Some applications will need more than one synchronizing operation, therefore such complex jobs have to be organized into groups.

Job: In connection with our application, we say “job” to one synchronization problem, which can be split into further sub-problems (so-called “tasks”).

Task: One specific synchronization step.

Filter: By “filters” we define rules, which make the synchronization task apply to only a set of data to be synchronized (e.g. certain files).

Conflict: We call it a “conflict”, if changes occur on both sides of the item to be synchronized, whereby a decision has to be made which version should be kept.

Meta: “Meta” is a job-level descriptor stored by the program to trace changes in data to be synchronized.

A job is executed after all valid tasks included in a job were accomplished, whereas tasks define via filters which data has to be synchronized by them.


Synchronization can be done amongst two locations in any case. These two locations are called app and cloud, their contents may change due to the type of the task (e.g. in case of a file-based task this means two directories). The status of the data to be synchronized at these locations (defined via filters) is saved into the meta data. Based on this saved data the program is able to assess what changes in data occurred, and due to this information which operations will be necessary.

Application files, and directories

The application starts with the synctocloud_*_.jar file.

During the first start a CFG directory is created next to the application, within this directory there is a subfolder having the identical name as the computer. Configuration settings referring to the computer are stored in this folder. In this way the application itself can be stored in a cloud too, the configuration settings remain computer-specific anyway, they won’t refer to the application as a whole.

In this directory following file types can be found:

csjob_*.xml – Job descriptor file, the asterisk stands for any arbitrary name.

csjobmeta_*.xml – Running meta data descriptor file belonging to the job, the asterisk stands for text identical to the job name. If no such file is found, the application will create it after the first run.

Startup paramters

When starting the application following start-up parameters may be defined:

  • log – Save all log message to: „synctocloud%u.log”.
  • autoproc – When starting the application, the first synchronization happens automatically.
  • noupdate – force disable the update check (ver. 0.79)
  • emulate – job sync and execution disabled (ver 0.86)
  • forcename [name] – force computer name (ver 0.86)

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