Bug reporting

The application will automatically generate and send a crash report (without containing your personal data), when closed unexpectedly. You can disable this feature in Help menu (Auto crash report).

If you found a bug, before sending me a bug report:

  • Check if you are using the latest version of this app.
  • Check if the bug hasn’t been already reported.
  • Make an exact bug definition, and tell the way of reproduction. Always post your system spec, and app version. Without this, your bug report will be deleted.
  • If you have logs, please send them by mail, and reproduction example files too.

Before making a bug report, please read previous lines above carefully, and examine the example bug report as follows.

Use leave feedback menu (left side of this page), or http://synctocloud.idea.informer.com to report bugs.

Example bug report:

I found a bug, file synchronization wasn’t executed on voji.txt on the third directory.

make a dir: /test/
make subdirs: /test/a/b/
put voji.txt to: /test/a/b/voji.txt

Create a new job, with file sync task, set app dir to: /test/a/b/, cloud dir to everywhere

When processing this job, the job execution aborted with error. I found this message in the log: SURPRISE!!!

My configuration: SyncToCloud v0.67 on windows xp 32 bit



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