Synctocloud site moved

First of all, thank you, for all the care and support of synctocloud. In the last years, several gaming and application platforms made significant steps to integrate cloud based data synchronization between computers. But the old beloved, not cloud based apps are still there, and synctocloud app too.

Based on economic reasons, I don’t want to maintain domain anymore, so i migrate the project to the new home:

The version 1.41 contains referrals to old domain, so I working on a new release, please be patient.

Old games, Bes, other goodies

Some old (and new) games consume 100% cpu. Look at Fallout 1 cpu usage. The game requirement is Intel Pentium 90 (!) Mhz CPU, but if you launch it consumes 100% cpu of any modern CPU (one core). It’s no good…

We found a global solution of this problem, called Battle Encoder Shirase (BES). It’s a freeware application, and can limit any application cpu (tested on win xp, 7,8).

Some of templates upgraded with bes support. If you define bes path (bes_dir global or local variable) job start bes before the app, and limiting it’s cpu resources. The limitation percentage is based on application, and your cpu calculation power. You can tune it with bes_cpulimit local variable.

You can found BES executer task example in fallout 1 template (task name: Bes cpu fix).