SyncToCloud v1.40 released

– Global: time display improvements (minute only display trailing space removed)
– Global: filename generator replace ” – ” chars to “-” char.
– Global: disablefilecheck startup flag disable dosbox configuration check too
– Global: control validation framework (can handle multiple validations on same control – like file rename)
– Global: text control validation improvements (when text changed, error marker removed)
– Filter: form layout fixed (adding scroll bars to query text dialog)
– Filter: filter mode validations added
– Main: multiple job selection print selected job count too
– Main: you can open job properties dialog by context menu or alt double click
– Job: variable rename NPE fixed (JobDataVersionInfo.renameVariable(
– Job: default job name contains job category. Example: alien_breed_tower_assault_gog_mlt.csjob
– Job: jobfilename improvements ” – ” delimeters optimised to “_” (doom – gog -> doom_-_gog -> doom-gog)
– Export: auto rename selected jobs function added

SyncToCloud v1.39 released

– Startup: error dialog added when app cannot find required files in jar file
– Log: log dialog in some cases show FINE messages by default (example variable evaluation)
– Global: compiler warnings removed
– Watch: dialog counter bug fixed
– Invalid job file import NPE fixed (JobUtils.getJobData(

SyncToCloud v1.38 released

– FileSync: subdir sync bug fixed
– Executer: wait for execution countdown corrected
– Executer: ext. app detection improved, when wait for execution is disabled
– Dosbox executer: config dnd validation upgraded
– Dosbox executer: config releative path determination crash fixed
– JobDetector: progress update counters fixed
– Watch: App crash fixed (

SyncToCloud v1.37 released

– Global: improved job sorting (name is always the second sort directive)
– Global: fixed rare no jobs loaded at startup bug
– Global: crash reporting bug (quit without error reporting) fixed
– Executer task: crash when open empty executer task has fixed
– Executer task: check process support file drag and drop
– Filesync: optional sync task (ignore error) doesn’t allow nonexistent folder bug fixed
– Dosbox executer: custom conf drag&drop can convert paths to relative paths
– Variable edit: variable edit dialog accept file drag&drop
– Global variables: dxwnd_app optional variable added to validation

SyncToCloud v1.36 released

– Global: configuration files using UTF-8 encoding on all platform
– Job: Execution tab gui improvements (ui reorganization, tooltips)
– Dosbox executer: work dir support added
– Dosbox executer: ignore execution option added
– Dosbox executer: don’t close dosbox after execution option added
– Native executer: wait for execution option reenabled
– Executer: external process detection improvements
– Job publish: validating app and store domains
– Job publish: email address validation downgraded to warning
– Job publish: job publisher validate file architecture postfix

SyncToCloud v1.35 released

– job: when execution mode is dosbox, publish default system is cross platform
– global: file name sanitizer eleminate double _ characters
– Global: when no global variables defined on app startup, application create defaults
– Global: when no scan dir configuration, you can bring up scan dirs
– Global: scan wizzard dialog when scan dir configuration created and scan dirs defined

SyncToCloud v1.34 released

– Global: csjob file format upgraded (number values changed to enum)
– Global: save job menu removed
– Global: export jobs to html menu hidden by default (use -htmlexport startup param)
– Global: swt 4.2.1 updated to swt 4.4
– Main: shift+enter/shift+double click:  open log for selected job
– Main: ctrl+enter/ctrl+double click: sync selected job
– Job: variable list items deletable (variable references resolved as text)
– Job: rename or delete variable modify job checkEntry values
– Job: Dosbox executer conf validation fixed
– Job: Dosbox executer add conf files to required files list
– Job: job publisher dialog can show job validation warnings
– JobRepository: various scanfolder detection improvements
– Task: Executon mode combo change enable/disable affected ignore error combos
– Filetask: cloud dir not exist “null filetask” dialog title fixed
– Filetask: disable file check startup option disable cloud dir check too
– Filetask: variable test result structured list instead of text
– Launcher: disable single instance mode restriction

SyncToCloud v1.33 released

– global: new logo
– main: when job execution failed show errors popup dialog
– process monitor: list auto refresh feature added
– util: file extension determination bug fixed
– global: domain validator result is cached
– preferences: dialog content is scrollable (for small screens)
– job properties: execution component is scrollable (for small screens)
– job publish: Cross platform template type added
– job publish: cache category list (download once)
– job repository: version update/installed status bug fixed
– executer: dosbox execution mode added