Q: This program is free of charge? Really?

A: Yes, it is.

Q: What about selling this app to make profit myself?

A: We don’t recommend it.

Q: Is this program open source?

A: Yes, published at sourceforge.net check help for build instructions

Q: Is JRE required to run this app?

A: If you can run without it, drop me a mail.

Q: Is it possible to run this program on a more exotic architecture?

A: Yes. If SWT is able to run on it, SyncToCloud is able too. List of supported platforms here.

Send a request, and we’ll create a more platform-specific version for you (and everyone who needs it).

Q: I have a question, but haven’t found the answer here…

A: Mail your question to me.

Q: I found a license problem in your app.

A: Oh my gosh, we aren’t interested in licenses, but send a mail with exact requirements, and we’ll put the required EULAs, licenses, readmes, and other garbage to release, really.


Use “leave feedback” menu (left side of this page), or http://synctocloud.idea.informer.com link to report bugs, give ideas, or feedback.

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