SyncToCloud launcher (synctocloud_launcher.jar)  is a platform independent small java application. It’s detect current environment (win, linux, mac, 32 or 64 bit), and search corresponding synctocloud versions next to the launcher. When suitable synctocloud version (or versions) found launch the latest (latest version estimation based on file name). If no suitable version found, display your current machine and installed virtual machine type (example: Windows 64 bit), to help determine the correct version of synctocloud for your system.

My synctocloud folder is: c:\Users\voji\Dropbox\apps\synctocloud\


  • synctocloud_0.98_lin_x86.jar
  • synctocloud_0.98_lin_x86_64.jar
  • synctocloud_0.98_win_x86.jar
  • synctocloud_0.98_win_x86_64.jar
  • synctocloud_0.99_win_x86.jar
  • synctocloud_0.99_win_x86_64.jar
  • synctocloud_launcher.jar

With this launcher you can create a shortcut to launcher, and don’t need to modify shortcut every time when new synctocloud version released.

Windows 8 users: If you create a shortcut, pointing directly to jar file, you cannot pin this shortcut to start menu, or taskbar. Create a shortcut pointing your java virtual machine, and start synctocloud_launcher with -jar parameter.

Example shortcut:

  • Target: “C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre7\bin\javaw.exe” -jar synctocloud_launcher.jar
  • Start in: c:\Users\voji\Dropbox\apps\synctocloud\


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