SyncToCloud v1.37 released

– Global: improved job sorting (name is always the second sort directive)
– Global: fixed rare no jobs loaded at startup bug
– Global: crash reporting bug (quit without error reporting) fixed
– Executer task: crash when open empty executer task has fixed
– Executer task: check process support file drag and drop
– Filesync: optional sync task (ignore error) doesn’t allow nonexistent folder bug fixed
– Dosbox executer: custom conf drag&drop can convert paths to relative paths
– Variable edit: variable edit dialog accept file drag&drop
– Global variables: dxwnd_app optional variable added to validation

GoG template updates start unbundling some of synctocloud supported games. Affected game templates updated, and all games, using standard version of dosbox (without 3dfx support) converted to use synctocloud built in dosbox executer (for cross platform compatibility).

Complete list of affected gog game templates:

  • alien_breed
  • alien_breed_tower_assault
  • ascendancy
  • battle_isle
  • battle_isle_2
  • battle_isle_historyline
  • blood_1_addon
  • blood_1
  • cannon_fodder_2
  • cannon_fodder
  • cannon_foddermeta
  • crusader_no_regret
  • crusader_no_remorse
  • dragonsphere
  • duke_nukem_3d
  • dungeon_keeper_1_dd
  • dungeon_keeper_1
  • jagged_alliance
  • jagged_dg
  • master_of_magic
  • master_of_orion_1
  • master_of_orion_2
  • redneck_rampage
  • redneck_rampage_rides_again
  • redneck_rampage_route_66
  • shadow_warrior
  • simcity_2000
  • simcity_2000meta
  • star_control_1
  • star_control_2_meele
  • star_control_2
  • stargunner
  • syndicate
  • syndicate_wars
  • theme_hospital
  • tyrian_2000
  • ultima_7
  • ultima_7_serpent_isle
  • ultima_martian_dreams

SyncToCloud v1.36 released

– Global: configuration files using UTF-8 encoding on all platform
– Job: Execution tab gui improvements (ui reorganization, tooltips)
– Dosbox executer: work dir support added
– Dosbox executer: ignore execution option added
– Dosbox executer: don’t close dosbox after execution option added
– Native executer: wait for execution option reenabled
– Executer: external process detection improvements
– Job publish: validating app and store domains
– Job publish: email address validation downgraded to warning
– Job publish: job publisher validate file architecture postfix