Publishing your template

Job Template publishing checklist:

Template naming convention:
Always  use application specific name, witch unique, and identify exactly the specified application.

Allowed characters in template names: lowercase English alphabet characters, and the _ character.

Valid template names:  warcraft_3; blood; rfactor

Invalid template names: warcraft 3; Blood; rfact0r

Template content requirements:

  • Always identifies app, and sync directory with variables.
  • Execution information is required (in some cases execution work dir, and parameters required too)
  • Try to use standard variable names (like gog_dir, steam_dir, cloud_dir… The global variables list is here)

When your temlate is ready

Use publish function (ver 0.86) on job properties dialog, to send template to server.

Fill some template metadata:

Hit publish, and done. Your template submitted to template approval team.

Ps.: Your email addres not published, not spammed (but required).

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