Quick Start guide

This guide presents the installation steps on windows based system, but you can do the same on all other platforms.

1. Requirements (environment setup)

Before you start, you will need:

Cloud storage

If you want to synchronize your files to cloud, first, you need to setup cloud based file synchronization service. Synctocloud compatible all standard file based provider (dropbox, gdrive, skydrive, etc), we using dropbox in this tutorial.

The default dropbox path is system and user dependent, the example user name is voji, the dropbox path is: c:\Users\voji\Dropbox\

If you doesn’t have Dropbox account, you can create it here. It’s free.

Java runtime

Java is a free programming language, owned by Oracle. Java runtime (JRE) is required to execute applications developed in java (like synctocloud). You can download java runtime from here, or you can check your java installation here. If automated (online) install doesnt work, you can download the full offline installation package here.

2. SyncToCloud (StC)


Download StC launcher from download page.

If you can, download synctocloud.exe directly to your dropbox folder, otherwise move synctocloud.exe to your dropbox directory.

Dropbox dir:


SyncToCloud location:



First launch

Start the launcher, and because it’s does not found any synctocloud app version, try to download it.


Hit yes, and launcher download the latest synctocloud application to your system.

When download complete, hit launch button, to continue

TIPP: If you doesn’t have internet connection, you can download and copy the platform specific StC version (example: synctocloud_1.34_win_x86.jar) next to the launcher (synctocloud.exe) manually.



For the app detection functionality, we need to define some folders to scan (scan folders). Hit Yes, and Scan folders setup dialog appears.


Define some folders, contain games. In the example we using the following locations:

  • C:\games\GOG – gog games install location
  • C:\games\DOS – dos based abandonware games installed here
  • C:\games\Steam – steam install location

WARNING: this directories depends where you installed these applications

Example dir content:

snap061 snap062 snap063

TIPP: You can drag&drop directories from explorer to the scanfolders list

When scan folders defined, StC ask: “Do you want to start job detection?” – hit yes

snap064The job template repository browser window show you the detected applications (checked job template entries). Hit Install selection button, to install selected jobs.

After you close the repository bowser, you found the detected games in synctocloud main screen.


Double click of selected title, or select one and hit execute. If cloud dir not found, StC query for directory creation.



If SyncToCloud won’t start, try execute app from command line, with logging enabled (cmd):

cd c:\Users\voji\Dropbox\synctocloud
synctocloud.exe -log

or start directly the app jar file:

cd c:\Users\voji\Dropbox\synctocloud
java –jar synctocloud_0.98_win_x86_64.jar -log

WARNING: MacOS users: when you want to launch app from command line, use startOnFirstThread parameter:

java -XstartOnFirstThread -jar ./synctocloud_1.00_osx_x86.jar -log

If you try above steps, without success, please report your problem, and attach generated log file (example: synctocloud_0_0.log).

3. Support

  • You can share your ideas, report report bugs: here
  • Create and publish your job templates: more info
  • If you want, involve in development: more info

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