Simple sync setup

During the example we would like to store to the cloud the saved status data of a game named BLOOD, year 1997. For cloud-based file storage we use DropBox.

Paths used in the example:

  • BLOOD game: d:\games\\One Unit Whole Blood\
  • DropBox folder: c:\Users\voji\Dropbox\

Open the folder you wish to synchronize (d:\games\\One Unit Whole Blood\). Choose one of the saved status files having .SAV extension, then drag and drop it to the job list of the SyncToCloud application.


TIPP: if you doesn’t know the save file extension, or path, use following commands:


 tree /F > out1.txt


ls -R > out1.txt

Save the output without savegame (out1.txt). Start game, save, exit. Run this command again, but change output to out2.txt. See the files difference (linux diff utility, winmerge, or total commander – compare by content function).


On the pop-up window open the dialog window to edit task data, using the “Edit task” button.

Choose the cloud folder, e.g. c:\Users\voji\Dropbox\save_games\blood

Save the task and the job belonging to it.

Start the first synchronization by clicking on the “Start processing” button.

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