SyncToCloud v1.40 released

– Global: time display improvements (minute only display trailing space removed)
– Global: filename generator replace ” – ” chars to “-” char.
– Global: disablefilecheck startup flag disable dosbox configuration check too
– Global: control validation framework (can handle multiple validations on same control – like file rename)
– Global: text control validation improvements (when text changed, error marker removed)
– Filter: form layout fixed (adding scroll bars to query text dialog)
– Filter: filter mode validations added
– Main: multiple job selection print selected job count too
– Main: you can open job properties dialog by context menu or alt double click
– Job: variable rename NPE fixed (JobDataVersionInfo.renameVariable(
– Job: default job name contains job category. Example: alien_breed_tower_assault_gog_mlt.csjob
– Job: jobfilename improvements ” – ” delimeters optimised to “_” (doom – gog -> doom_-_gog -> doom-gog)
– Export: auto rename selected jobs function added

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