If you share your tasks between computers, and you don’t want to edit Task properties (e.g. file task directories) separately, you can define task variables (ver 0.63).

There are two types of variables:

  • Gloal variable values stored on computer level
  • Local variable values stored on Job level

Every valuable has:

  • Name: identifies a variable. Only English letters, and some special characters (_-.) are allowed
  • Value: is the variable value
  • Description: text description

Variable evaluation order:

  • search variables in global variables
  • search variables in local variables
  • evaluate environment path references (%…%)
  • fix path separators (path only strings)

If you want to use a variable inside a definition, the required syntax is:


And you can use environment variables (v0.70):


The environment variable evaluation is case insensitive, and the % separator is platform independent (use %-% form on all platform).

You can use multiple variables. Variable chains try to complement the directory definition. Example:


  • var1=C:\test
  • var2=pics



Evaluated value:


Rename variable:

In variable edit dialog, you can change variable name. If you are change variable name inside a job all variable references (inside a job) changed too. If you change a global variable name, only the variable name changed (all references use the old name).

If you rename a variable to an existing variable name (local or global) the renamed variable value lost (use the already defined variable value).


The variable menu:

  • Test: evaluate current expression
  • New variable: you can define new variable from scratch
  • Variable wizzard: try to find and insert already defined variables
  • Insert mode: if checked, it inserts the selected variable in to the text field. If insert mode is unchecked, edit mode will be activated. In Edit mode you can edit selected variable values, or descriptions.

Variables can be defined in tasks (currently in the file task):

  • Right click on V icon after the App folder, the Variables menu appears
  • Select new variable
  • Define variable name, and value


  • Select text from text field, before creating new variable – the new variable value contains selected text, and after save, selected text is converted to a variable
  • In insert mode, select text, selected text is replaced by a variable
  • Drag directory to V icon, new variable dialog appears, with dir value
  • Try variable wizzard


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